Get direct access to high-quality networks with a restrictive peering policy. With DE-CIX DirectROUTES, we can offer you direct access to these networks, just via an additional VLAN. No additional contract negotiations are required, and we offer you flexible bandwidth and cancellation terms. 


Direct access to high-quality networks with a restrictive peering policy.

Direct access to Comcast's AS7922 eyeball network.

Easy technical setup, via an additional VLAN on your access.

Get access to Comcast, America’s largest Cable TV and Internet service provider

The first network available via DE-CIX DirectROUTES is Comcast, America’s largest Cable TV and Internet service provider, which serves more residential broadband subscribers than any other US provider. Comcast doesn't peer at Internet Exchanges, so Comcast is not reachable directly anywhere else if you do not have a direct paid peering with them. DirectROUTES is an ideal opportunity for small to medium-sized networks to get direct access into Comcast's AS7922 eyeball network.

Getting direct access to Comcast's network will improve your network quality by lowering latency, giving you control over the capacity, and in this way, eliminating congestion and using the most stable path to optimize your routing table. There is no need to have a contract directly with Comcast – the service is delivered under the standard DE-CIX terms and conditions. 

If you are not connected yet, it is easy to find a suitable place and save on costly metro circuits and cross connect costs: DE-CIX is present in most data centers in New York  and Dallas, and the service is also remotely available from Chicago, Phoenix, Richmond, Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Istanbul, Lisbon, Madrid, Marseille, Moscow, Munich, and Palermo.

Having a direct connection to a network the size of Comcast’s gives us a distinct advantage over other cloud providers”
Director of Infrastructure Operations
At Pixel Factory, we were experiencing significant latency swings and packet loss to Comcast via our multiple transit providers during different days or time of day. (…) Solving this nagging problem was a couple of clicks and the magic of the DE-CIX solution. This way we streamlined our hardware requirements, reduced cross connects and port count, and provided better class of connectivity to our client”
Pixel Factory Inc.