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Digital value chains are at the heart of what we do: delivering a platform that interconnects its participants in the most transparent, secure, and performant way. Together with our partners – data centers, ISPs, resellers, managed service providers, and others – we run the leading neutral interconnection ecosystem worldwide.

The attractiveness of our services for your portfolio, the support that we provide to make you successful, the DE-CIX brand you can use – there are many good reasons to partner with us. By working together, we can grow for our mutual benefit. Become a partner and help us to grow our platform – both in terms of geographical reach and participant numbers.

DE-CIX are a long-time trusted partner of BSO. For many years, they have provided our customers with a reliable exchange of traffic allowing for increased routing control, improved performance and low latency.
Rebecca lewis
Director of Partnerships, EMEA

Why partner with DE-CIX

  • More than ever before business value chains need a robust digital infrastructure. By becoming part of our partner network, you can leverage our platform to support your customers with the best possible solutions for all their interconnection needs. The DE-CIX service portfolio is attractive to your customers from various industries, e.g.:

    • Automotive
    • Financial industry
    • Healthcare
    • Telecommunications

    And many more!

  • The DE-CIX Apollon platform is renowned to be the world’s largest and most advanced Ethernet-based platform. The fully redundant high availability platform is designed to cope with the highest volumes of traffic and customers. In addition, we continuously bring in innovation to support all future interconnection needs, like developing the first API for interconnection platforms and introducing the first patch robots worldwide. We rely on our in-house R&D team to develop technology not only to the benefit of all connected customers, but also to contribute to the Internet community.

  • DE-CIX has become a global synonym for connectivity – in Western and Central Europe, as well as in the Americas, Middle-East, Asia, and Africa. In our core business interconnection, we have acquired a magnetic reputation over the years. As our partner, you can leverage the DE-CIX brand and present yourself as part of the community.

  • DE-CIX has been founded out of a community approach and we still put a lot of emphasis on the idea of shared knowledge and cooperation between technical and industry experts. We contribute to many community bodies such as RIPE NCC, DENOG, MANRS, or Euro-IX. We share knowledge with our partners and propagate open standards. Our DE-CIX Academy serves as a trusted source of knowledge for both experienced peering professionals and newcomers to the industry.

Multiple ways to partner with DE-CIX

We partner with data centers, Internet service providers (ISPs), resellers, managed service providers, and other business partners. Depending on geographical reach and customer acquisition, we have different types of partnerships.

Enabled site partner

Data centers that can be used to access the DE-CIX platform are called DE-CIX-enabled sites. Enabled sites that qualify can have a specific partnership agreement with us and become a premium enabled site. As a premium enabled site partner, you benefit from having DE-CIX in-house, and your customers have guaranteed SLAs, fully redundant connection, and access to our complete service portfolio.

Connectivity partner 

Connectivity partners leverage an existing access to DE-CIX to remotely connect customers to our platform. For the customer, this means no additional cross connect charges and very fast provisioning. As a connectivity partner, you can provide a fast time-to-market to the end customer using a generic transport provider as we use an Network-to-Network interface (NNI).


As a classic reseller partner of DE-CIX, you provide both the access to our platform and the contractual relationship to your customers. The whole customer relationship stays with you and you are, of course, free to price and bundle services as you think fit. Our reseller agreements include a broad portfolio of our services, and as a value-added reseller, you can add our services to your existing products.

Cloud reseller

Reselling our Cloud Exchange service DirectCLOUD is a light version of reselling. It requires a simpler agreement, is limited to the DirectCLOUD service, and has no minimum consumption or number of participants connected requirements. You can either use our DirectCLOUD service as a pre-product for your branded cloud connectivity service, or leverage the DE-CIX brand as a DirectCLOUD ISP partner or DirectCLOUD data center partner.

Channel alliance partner

Enterprises rely on solution providers, managed service providers, and systems integrators to successfully implement and run digital transformation projects. We work with our channel alliance partners to help enterprise customers benefit from the advantages of our interconnection platform. As part of a holistic solution for your customers, you recommend our interconnection services where appropriate, and refer customers to us for this specific part of the project or solution.


As an innovative IT service provider, we want to deliver a direct connection to our customers so that they can access the clouds they need in a secure and well-performing way. Through our long-standing DirectCLOUD partnership with DE-CIX, we can implement this in a very straightforward way.
Thomas Drewermann
Cloud Architect

Become a DE-CIX partner

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