case study

Why EXXETA uses AWS Direct Connect instead of VPN tunnels


For the support and operation of its solutions, EXXETA – an IT consulting company focusing on the automotive, energy, and financial services industries – has been using virtual machines and cloud services for several years. Despite the many advantages of cloud use, they noticed that access via VPN wasn’t always the best fit for the use cases – and they set out to change that.

Can clouds be accessed faster, more robustly, and more reliably?

Yes, indeed they can. The IT service provider GISA was approached to cast and realize a better cloud solution. The lucky winner was a combination of Amazon Web Services (AWS) with its connection service Direct Connect and the direct connection via envia TEL to DE-CIX, using the DE-CIX DirectCLOUD service.  

Access speed twice as fast

Thanks to a single connection with dedicated SLAs instead of countless VPN connections, the quality of the connection has significantly improved – enabling EXXETA to fulfill its customer promise of stable and reliable operation for sometimes critical and high-availability systems. But it’s not only the customers that benefit from a stable and smooth connection: EXXETA employees themselves are also saving noticeably more time and can work more productively.

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