Connect in the capital of Norway

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DE-CIX Oslo is a digital hub for regional connectivity, enabling local networks low-latency interconnection and the localization of global content, while increasing network stability, scalability, and security. 

Oslo is the hub for Norwegian trade, banking, and shipping industries. DE-CIX offers a holistic approach to interconnection to companies of all sizes to manage their connectivity needs and to take control of their data beyond the "public" Internet. 

Access to clouds and hundreds of networks

Customers benefit from direct access to both the major cloud service providers and local niche clouds, hundreds of local and international networks, and data centres in Europe and the US. The DE-CIX interconnection platform offers advanced service features and automation, including access to the DE-CIX self-service portal and the DE-CIX API. DE-CIX OSLO is located in the Bulk OS-IX data center.


Advanced solutions for multi and hybrid-cloud scenarios.

Gain control of data traffic beyond the "public" Internet.

Increase network stability, scalability, and security.