How to connect to DE-CIX

Once you have access to our platform, you can choose the interconnection services you need.

One access – multiple interconnection services

To benefit from our interconnection services, you first need to have access to our platform. You can get connected to DE-CIX at thousands of data centers. Premium enabled sites are data centers where we operate our own hardware and at other enabled sites, we rely on partners to get you connected. 

In North America, you can also get access to our platform via transport partners or via DWDM.

Access to our platforms can be ordered independently from the overlying services. You can choose between the access sizes 1GE, 10GE, 100GE, 400GE, or 800GE depending on the location. Once you have access, you can order multiple services, overbook access with services, and have multiple ASNs on your access.

To get access to DE-CIX's platforms and interconnection services, just fill in our form or contact us