GlobePEER Remote

Peer remotely at additional DE-CIX locations. Use your existing access in one of our Internet Exchanges to peer remotely at other interconnected locations. For example, you can peer remotely in New York with your access in Dusseldorf, or peer remotely in Palermo with your access in Madrid. 


Easy set up: Peer over a VLAN on your existing access.

Fully redundant service with predictable latency and jitter values.

No extra hardware costs, no hassle with importing equipment.

The DE-CIX platforms in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf, Marseille, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Palermo, Istanbul, New York, Dallas, and Chicago are interconnected. With access in one of the locations, you can peer remotely at every other one of these locations

In addition, you can peer:

  • in Berlin with access in Frankfurt and vice versa,
  • in Moscow with access in Frankfurt and vice versa,
  • in St. Petersburg with access in Frankfurt and vice versa,
  • in Dubai with access in Marseille and vice versa,
  • in Ruhr region with access in Dusseldorf or Frankfurt and vice versa.

Setup is easy: You peer over a VLAN on your existing access, and we will take care of all interconnects needed and the access at the additional location. The service can be delivered within one day, and there are no additional cross connect costs.

You get a fully redundant service, predictable latency and jitter values, and have no extra hardware costs and no hassle with importing IT equipment. One contact, one bill. 

GlobePEER Remote interconnected Internet Exchanges

Interconnected DE-CIX Internet Exchanges

GlobePEER Remote graphic

Peer remotely at additional DE-CIX locations over a VLAN on your existing access

Remote Blackholing: DDoS traffic is dropped in Europe

Fight DDoS attacks globally with Remote Blackholing

With our GlobePEER Remote service, you can announce blackholes at remote DE-CIX Internet Exchanges. As a result, DDoS traffic is dropped closer to the source of origin. Learn more about Remote Blackholing.

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