The critical European gateway to Africa, Middle East , and Asia

Connect to one of the world’s top Internet hubs 

Marseille is the key European landing stations for a large number of international subsea cables and global Internet transit pathways. It is the European edge hub for networks from the Middle East and North Africa, while also serving as the key European point of interconnection for cables spanning Europe to Asia. Marseille is also home to Microsoft cloud infrastructure – the most demanded cloud services for enterprises.


High density of international sea cables. 

Part of the largest neutral interconnection ecosystem in Southern Europe, offering access to more than 400 networks.

Home to Microsoft cloud infrastructure.

New white paper
The Southern European interconnection landscape white paper cover
New white paper

The Southern European interconnection landscape

Download the white paper to find out how the growing Southern European hubs, including Madrid, and Marseille, are responding to the demand for increasingly localized interconnection infrastructure.

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Market study
Marseille's Position in the Global Telecommunications Landscape thumbnail
Market study

Marseille's position in the global telecommunications landscape

In assessing the role of this strategic location, this paper reviews international capacity connected to the city; existing and planned submarine cables in the vicinity; the colocation market; and other trends that continue to spur interconnection in this hub.

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How to connect to DE-CIX

To benefit from our interconnection services, you first need to have access to our platform. Once you have access, you can order multiple services, overbook access with services, and have multiple ASNs on your access. 

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Route server guides

DE-CIX Marseille route server guide

DE-CIX operates so-called route server systems to facilitate the exchange of BGP announcements between peers at DE-CIX. Find out how this works at DE-CIX Marseille.

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