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DE-CIX API: Simplifying IX services


DE-CIX offers its customers an API (Application Programming Interface) to easily order, configure, and cancel interconnection services. It is based on IX-API, an industry standard developed for provisioning interconnection at Internet Exchanges. It supports fully end-to-end automated processes.  

An extensive documentation of how the DE-CIX API works is available at the IX-API website. 

The DE-CIX API fully adheres to the IX-API standard. 

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Designed and developed by AMS-IX, DE-CIX, and LINX, the three leading global Internet Exchanges.
Epsilon has always strongly advocated for the development of common APIs. We are honoured to be the first interconnectivity provider to implement the IX-API, enabling our customers and partners with faster, automated provisioning and improved service visibility when connecting to our extensive global network.
Mark Daley
Director Digital Strategy & Business Development

How to use the DE-CIX API 

The DE-CIX API can only be used by DE-CIX customers and partners. If you want to use it, the following steps are necessary: 

  • Request an API Key and an API Secret via the DE-CIX Portal and accept the “DE-CIX API Terms of use”.
  • Download the API key and the associated secret.
  • Depending on the API version you are using, the API endpoints for your requests are or

For more details on how to use the API, please have a look at the getting started section on the IX-API website or download the DE-CIX API handbook.

Automated processes, cost-efficient, and fast 

Using the API offers several benefits. It reduces the time for ordering, configuring and cancelling interconnection services from days to minutes. The API is available 24/7/365 and it requires less cost and effort per transaction. As you can use the industry standard IX-API language for multiple Internet Exchanges, implementation costs are reduced to a minimum. 

More information can be found on the IX-API website. If you have any questions regarding the DE-CIX API, please contact us at [email protected].