Establish virtual private connections. Establish virtual private point-to-point connections. A connection can be provisioned easily, between any two points within and between metro regions, as well as between your on-premise equipment and the DE-CIX Cloud ROUTER. Use VirtualPNI for ethernet based private lines between DE-CIX enabled data centers, enterprise network traffic, hybrid-cloud setups, or for selling transit, or paid peering.


Flexible bandwidths from 10 Mbps up to 100 GE, easy upgrades.

No additional cross connect costs.

Low latency, high throughput on a carrier-grade private platform.

A virtual point-to-point private connection

VirtualPNI is a point-to-point service allowing you to install one or multiple VLANs on your access port to connect between end-points within a metro region, between metro regions, or between your on-premise equipment and the DE-CIX Cloud ROUTER in a hybrid-cloud setup. Save on Capex, as no additional equipment is needed, and easily extend the reach of your own network by using DE-CIX’s private high-performance platform.

Use cases


Layer 2 E-line point-to-point

VirtualPNI is a Layer 2 Ethernet circuit providing private, flexible, and on-demand connections between two or more DE-CIX access ports within a metro region or between metro regions. The VirtualPNI service between metro regions is available at our interconnected exchanges.

Layer 3 connection

A VirtualPNI connection between your physical DE-CIX access port and the DE-CIX Cloud ROUTER: A layer 3 routed network on our carrier-grade private platform to extend your on-premise equipment to your cloud environment. Automated real-time provisioning on the DE-CIX Portal.