Enterprise interconnection

The demands on enterprise networks are growing exponentially while numerous cloud-based applications and workloads are adding to the complexity of network setups. Which clouds, networks, and data centers do you need today? What about next year and the year after? How do you make sure your business critical traffic reaches its destination as fast as it should? Position yourself now to be prepared for every interconnection requirement – today and tomorrow.

Our employees on the construction sites, at the office locations, and working from home simply have to be able to do their jobs. The most important requirement for IT is that the IT systems run smoothly.”

Easy and secure interconnection

To face any challenges and to optimize performance, you need to be in control of your network infrastructure. You need to be able to transfer data securely and have the lowest possible latency for your business critical traffic for your business to succeed and your employees to be able to work as efficiently as possible. 

By connecting to an Internet Exchange like DE-CIX and using our interconnection services you are able to simplify and take control of your network infrastructure, immensely improving performance as well as future-proofing your business to deal with ever-increasing amounts of data and new applications. 

Best performance with lowest latency.

Secure and stable interconnection environment. 

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Internet Exchanges explained

Heard the word but not sure what Internet Exchanges are? Watch this short video to find out what Internet Exchanges are and the benefits they can bring to your business and end users.

What is an Internet Exchange?

IX explainer video cover

Enterprise interconnection services