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dmTech: Creating a stable, direct, and faster multi-cloud connection

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With over 41,000 employees and more than 2,000 stores, dm-drogerie markt is Germany’s biggest drugstore chain, with its online business growing in importance. dmTech, as a wholly owned subsidiary of dm-drogerie markt, has been pursuing a hybrid multi-cloud strategy for several years and is increasingly shifting IT workloads to different cloud platforms – which has made stable, low latency connectivity important.

In its search for a solution, dmTech came across DE-CIX InterconnectionFLEX, a service designed specifically for enterprise customers. The service allowed them to establish direct connections to the various cloud providers they were using, as well as to a DDoS protection provider. Direct peering connections with various Internet service providers and with the route server of the DE-CIX Internet Exchange in Frankfurt were also set up.

Significant latency improvements

Using DE-CIX’s InterconnectionFLEX service resulted in significant latency improvements. Connections to important servers hosted in the cloud now run at less than 3 milliseconds round trip time, and the number of IP hops has been reduced by up to 40%. By implementing its own Internet peering, dm could significantly optimize the Internet connection of the central data centers and the connected dm stores.

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