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To get most out of your connection to DE-CIX and to learn about a variety of interconnection topics, watch our videos and recorded webinars.

BGP webinar series

Learn about BGP

Aimed at network engineers familiar with routing, our webinar series teaches you more about the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).

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DirectCLOUD webinar

Connecting to Microsoft Azure via DirectCLOUD

Watch this recorded webinar to learn how to connect to Microsoft Azure using the DE-CIX DirectCLOUD service.

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How to get started with peering cover

Networking basics

This webinar series is aimed at beginners in computer networking and people entering the Internet industry. Watch the 30-minute videos either in English or in German, and download the accompanying handouts with further information.

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How does Traceroute work?

Learn more about Traceroute and wheter you can rely on it when debugging a problem.

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How to get rid of DDoS traffic video

How to get rid of DDoS traffic

The Internet is becoming a bigger target than ever for attacks. Learn more about how Blackholing at Internet Exchanges can stop the malicious traffic.

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How to get started with peering cover

How to get started with peering

If you are new to peering, you will want to watch this DE-CIX Academy video about the very beginning of how to get started with peering.

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What is an AS number

This DE-CIX Academy video tells you what an AS number is and how you can get one.

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IX video cover

What is an Internet Exchange

An Internet Exchange Point enables the interconnection and exchange of Internet traffic between independent Autonomous Systems. Watch the video to find out more.

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DE-CIX academy

DE-CIX Academy – learn from the experts

DE-CIX Academy assists customers, network operators and anyone who is interested in increasing their knowledge about interconnection and getting the most out of our services.

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