Our articles cover a variety of interconnection topics from explaining key concepts to thought-leadership pieces about the future of interconnection.

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What is peering

All kinds of networks and network operators need to exchange data in order for the Internet to work. The data exchange is either agreed on a bilateral payment basis or on a typically cost-neutral basis, also known as peering.

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What is interconnection?

At times of accelerated digitalization, the word interconnection gets thrown around a lot. And, like with many buzzwords, there is a lot of excitement as well as confusion around the term. So what does “interconnection” actually mean? And why is it important?

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How to decide where to peer

Looking at both quality and costs, it makes sense to peer. But at which Internet Exchange? This question pops up soon after you’ve decided to peer.

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Lead articles

LEO satellites

New hope from space

Learn how Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites are opening new frontiers in the delivery of the Internet to regions of the world that have so far missed out on connecting to the digital superhighway.

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Digitalizing hotels – new six-star hospitality in the post-pandemic world

Read the article by Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX to find out why digitalization is the keystone for the future of travel.

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Connected car

Hello Car! Future-proofing industries through interconnection ecosystems

An increasing number of enterprises discovering the benefits of connecting via an Internet Exchange. The digital car is a digital ecosystem entailing a huge variety of types of data.

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Why the Internet holds firm: Internet infrastructure in times of Covid-19

The role of the network of subnetworks, once established for research purposes and now known as the Internet, has evolved within a few decades into an omnipresent communication and commercial ecosystem.

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Digital everywhere 3

Digital everywhere, for everyone

It's no longer a question of whether you should digitalize. The faster, the better.

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Why low latency is essential in times of accelerated digitalization

Covid-19 has strongly accelerated digital transformation. Read our article why low latency is essential.

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In a time of crisis, a global lockdown needs a digital unlocking

DE-CIX International's CEO Ivo Ivanov considers the impact that Covid-19 has had on the Internet and digitalization.

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The role of data centers in an interconnected world: From storage evolution to digital revolution

Today, data centers are the warehouses of the digital economy, providing a home not only for the data itself, but also for the platforms and applications that have become so ubiquitous in the modern world. This article from DE-CIX describes the evolution of datacenters.


New mobile standard 5G: Five essential technologies for its profitable application

Dr. Christoph Dietzel, Global Head of Products & Research at DE-CIX (July 2020)

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we use significantly more digital applications, for example, to virtually bridge the geographical divide. A stable, secure, and reliable Internet connection is essential. More than ever, accelerated digitalization means that our society is increasingly dependent on technical innovations. In this context, 5G will play a crucial role. 

The DE-CIX Digital Triangle for Edge Interconnection

Ivo Ivanov, CEO DE-CIX International (November 2019)

The Internet is changing – away from a centralized server-client structure and towards a much more densely woven network of access points. The Internet of tomorrow will need a new range of interconnection services. IoT and 5G are the drivers behind this, and artificial intelligence (AI) will ensure that data streams are managed efficiently. Ivo Ivanov – Chief Operating Officer at the Internet Exchange operator DE-CIX – shows how these factors interact to enable the innovations of tomorrow.

Customer case studies

Thousands of networks connect at DE-CIX's Internet Exchanges either to peer with other networks, to connect directly with selected networks, to access cloud service providers, or to use other interconnection services. Read their stories here.

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