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Reach global content closer to Africa

Marseille is one of the key European landing stations for a large number of international subsea cables and global Internet transit pathways. It is a critical gateway directly on the Mediterranean Sea for the communications infrastructure that transports African and Middle Eastern traffic to Europe.

Major network hub where content and eyeball networks meet

Benefits of joining DE-CIX in Marseille:

  • Reduce your backhaul costs and latency
  • Improve your network quality
  • Access African, Middle Eastern and Asian markets via multiple and diverse submarine cable systems
  • Peer closer to Africa, the Middle East and Asia
  • Reach highly-demanded content
  • Access networks througout Europe by peering directly with networks in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf, Madrid, Lisbon, Palermo, or Istanbul (GlobePEER Remote service)

Peer in Frankfurt and New York just via an additional VLAN

With access at DE-CIX Marseille, you are able to peer at additional DE-CIX locations, e.g. with more than 1,000 networks in Frankfurt or over 250 networks in New York, just via a VLAN (GlobePEER Remote service). Learn more.

More than a gateway: a powerful marketplace for your business

Marseille offers an existing framework inside the European Union that delivers a known regulatory and legal environment for business. There are more than 100 unique carriers that currently operate in or transport through Marseille.

Colocation offer

If you join DE-CIX in Marseille, Interxion waives the monthly fee for three months for new customers (power usage and cross connects excluded, 36 months contract term, valid for up to 3 racks).

To request your personal offer, please contact us.

AS Origin Marseille

ASN origin of networks connected at DE-CIX Marseille

Network type Marseille

Network types of networks connected at DE-CIX Marseille (based on PeeringDB)