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DE-CIX Customer Advisory Board for Germany

While the Customer Advisory Board does not have decision-making authority, its members communicate with the DE-CIX management team and help guide the overall direction of DE-CIX.

The board has five members in order to represent the global customer reach of DE-CIX. One of the board members is allocated directly by eco - Association of the Internet Industry. The other four members are elected directly by DE-CIX customers.

Permanent Board Member eco Internet association

Klaus Landefeld
eco Board Member

Elected Board Members

Dr. Falk von Bornstaedt
Executive Board, Ripe NCC

Zaid Ali Kahn
GM, Azure Infrastructure at Microsoft

Bernhard Krönung
Managing Director and Founder regio[.NET]

Malte von dem Hagen
Director Global Backbone, GoDaddy