Interconnect in Germany's largest metropolitan region 

Peer in Dusseldorf to keep local traffic local 

DE-CIX Dusseldorf is situated 2ms from Frankfurt, and located in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region, the largest metropolitan region in Germany with more than 11 million inhabitants (twice as many as the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area).

The region is home to several Fortune Global 500 companies, and IT and Telecommunications are growth and innovation drivers. It has the third largest metropolitan area GDP in Europe (behind Paris and London).

Benefits of connecting in Dusseldorf

Peer at additional DE-CIX locations just via an additional VLAN

With access to DE-CIX Dusseldorf, you can reach remotely all connected networks not only in Frankfurt but also in Munich, Hamburg, Istanbul, Marseille, and New York. More than 1000 networks with just one connection. Learn more.

ASN origin of connected networks at DE-CIX Dusseldorf

Network types of connected networks at DE-CIX Dusseldorf (based on PeeringDB)