Looking Glasses

The DE-CIX Looking Glasses give you an insight into the BGP tables of the DE-CIX route servers at each site. Below you can find the links to the Looking Glasses of each exchange and a short explanation. 

Looking Glasses for the exchanges

What you can see with a Looking Glass

BGP summary tab

  • Which autonomous systems have a connection to the route servers
  • Their IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Since when the session is up
  • How many prefixes they announce
  • How many of these prefixes are "best prefixes"
  • In case of an error the reason why a BGP session is down

BGP neighbour info tab

For each connection to the route servers you can find

  • The list of prefixes
  • AS path for each prefix
  • Announced MED for each prefix
  • Whether the prefix is "best"

Prefix info tab

For each prefix you can find

  • List of AS numbers announcing this prefix
  • AS path for each announcement
  • List of BGP communities for each announcement
  • Which announcement is best

For more information, watch the recorded webinar about the DE-CIX Looking Glasses