4 May 2021

DartPoints adds proven Internet Exchange capabilities with initial deployments underway in Eastern Iowa and Dublin, OH facilities

Fully Managed and Locally Deployed DE-CIX Multi-Service Platforms Set to Improve Network Performance Across Tier II and Tier III Markets

Dallas TX, 4 May 2021: DartPoints, an owner and operator of carrier-neutral, edge data centers, announces it has selected DE-CIX’s global leading multi-service interconnection platform for deployment in Tier II and Tier III markets. Local IX deployments bring improved network performance, enhanced interconnection capabilities, and enable the exchange of local content and applications with global reach. 

“This announcement unveils something the industry has been talking about and has not yet been done. By enabling local market interconnection, DartPoints is equalizing the playing field for underserved and hard to reach markets for the first time,” adds Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX International. “Together, DartPoints’ edge deployments, with DE-CIX’s core market capabilities amounts to a plug-and-play solution for all kinds of network solutions. This is powerful. Networks, enterprises, schools, local governments, all of these entities and more can now access better connectivity with immediate value. It will be amazing to see what these communities do from there because the sky really is the limit.”

With initial deployments underway in DartPoints’ Eastern Iowa and Dublin, OH facilities, the fully managed Internet Exchanges (IXs) offer increased capabilities across a growing number of traditionally underserved edge markets. DE-CIX, the world’s leading carrier and data center neutral IX operator, will manage the local deployments including operations of switches, order processing, and ongoing network management for local market connectivity.  DartPoints’ locally-deployed IXs will be standalone interconnection points, providing immediate access to local peering, core content and application providers, with regional and global access through a single port. Once connected, networks can leverage the platform for private VLAN connections to a variety of solutions with expanded reach to core North American markets including Chicago, Dallas, New York, and Richmond; and access to global markets including DE-CIX Frankfurt.

“Our partnership with a global leader like DE-CIX brings immediate Tier 1 market capabilities and value to the Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets we serve,” comments Scott Willis, CEO of DartPoints. “We are executing on our vision to bring purpose-built data centers, local Internet Exchanges, and other solutions like TMGCore’s next generation distributed cloud infrastructure, that will catalyze the migration of content and applications to local markets across the U.S.” 

Now enabled with local market capabilities, DartPoints has assembled key elements of its unique edge strategy, focused on facilitating and evolving interconnection at the edge. Today, local networks are strained to deliver low latency connectivity as they rely on backhaul connections to core content. DartPoints’ multi-service IXs across its managed edge data centers solve for local interconnection challenges, enabling direct, low latency connectivity to content on day one.

DartPoints edge colocation data center facilities and locally deployed multi-service IX platforms bring major market capabilities to regions that need them most. As a result, DartPoints’ solution bridges the digital divide to empower companies to adopt technology solutions that enable digital transformation locally and regionally with global reach.