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16 November 2023

DE-CIX and CR8DL: Accelerating Discovery through Enhanced Data Capabilities

New York NY, Phoenix AZ, 16 November 2023. DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange (IX) operator, and, a front-runner in cloud-based high-performance computing, today announce a transformative partnership that is set to revolutionize the landscape of research computing. Aimed at propelling discovery across an array of scientific fields, this partnership seeks to remove bottlenecks in data transfer speeds while offering large-scale data handling capabilities that are secure and efficient. The collaboration is particularly poised to be a game-changer for research institutions, academia, and scientists who are on the brink of discoveries that can reshape our world.

This alliance sets a new standard for data-intensive research by seamlessly integrating DE-CIX's global interconnection capabilities with CR8DL's specialized computational cloud services. The real-world benefits include an elevated platform for researchers to move enormous datasets swiftly and securely, making it an indispensable asset for projects requiring high data throughput like genomic sequencing, climate modeling, and real-time analytics in artificial intelligence.

“Optimizing data pathways for the lowest latency and high bandwidths, best achieved over an Internet Exchange like those operated by DE-CIX, is central to ensuring the best performance of any networked technology,” according to Ed d’Agostino, VP for DE-CIX North America. “CR8DL’s cloud-based high-performance computing, combined with DE-CIX’s cutting edge interconnection technology, offers the scientific community unparalleled access to flexible and scalable infrastructure for their research needs. DE-CIX is proud to support the innovators who will shape tomorrow’s world.”

For CR8DL, this symbiotic relationship magnifies its mission of accelerating discovery by offering speed and scale like never before. The rapid and secure data transfer will drastically reduce the time-to-insight for research.

"Joining forces with DE-CIX marks a significant leap in research computing. Our partnership unlocks unprecedented potential, allowing scientists to navigate the vast realm of high-performance computing with ease and confidence. It's a game-changer for research, expediting the journey from data to insight and propelling innovation forward." says George Slessman, Founder of CR8DL.

With this partnership, research and educational institutions can use a suite of computational services via user-defined workspaces that include specialized tools for protein folding research, quantum simulation for physics research, and large image processing, with more planned applications on the horizon. 

A representative from R1 Research University praised the impact of the CR8DL service: “Using our traditional solution we had to spend up to 30% of our time configuring our environment but working with CR8DL that was minimized and we were able to focus on our research results."

Showcasing the partnership's tangible impact, a case study from Arizona State University demonstrated the CR8DL platform's capabilities in an educational setting. Seniors engaged in advanced protein folding research through CR8DL's user-friendly platform, focusing on scientific analysis over technical challenges and gaining invaluable research experience.

DE-CIX North America Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of DE-CIX International AG, provides network-neutral peering and enterprise grade interconnection services. Their infrastructure facilitates high-speed data transfer across a myriad of sectors, setting the global standard in Internet Exchanges.