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12 October 2023

100G LR now available in Frankfurt

We have introduced LR transceivers for all new 100G ports in Frankfurt to help our customers to ensure their networks are ready to handle the demands of the future. The global rollout will follow soon.

If you are currently using a 100G Access with LR4, there is no need for you to make any changes. We will continue to support 100G LR4 for all existing contracts. However, you can take advantage of LR and switch your Access from 100G LR4 to 100G LR if you wish to.

The new 100G LR technology requires only a single laser and uses pulse amplitude modulation (PAM4) to transmit data at 100 Gbps. From reduced complexity to cost savings, there are many benefits to switching to 100G LR.

Special discount on transceivers

With our long-term partner Flexoptix, we are pleased to offer our 100G customers a 10% discount on 100G LR transceiver until the end of 2023. To take advantage of this special offer, contact our sales team.