7 April 2022

Coming soon: IRAQ-IXP powered by DE-CIX

Last month, during the Capacity Middle East event, the first neutral Internet Exchange in Iraq, IRAQ-IXP, and DE-CIX signed a strategic partnership to create IRAQ-IXP powered by DE-CIX as part of the DE-CIX as a service program.

Unleashing the full potential of local interconnection

With a population of over 40 million people, Iraq is the third-largest country in the Middle East. Internet penetration stands at around 75 percent, with close to 100 percent mobile penetration among the large working-age and highly urbanized population. IRAQ-IXP powered by DE-CIX is set to serve local, regional, and international ISPs, CDNs, content and cloud, as well as enterprise networks. The partnership will improve the resilience of local and regional connectivity, lower data traffic latency, and provide better performance and user experience of content and applications for both businesses and individuals.

Supporting interconnection and the Internet

IRAQ-IXP powered by DE-CIX will be operated by DE-CIX under the DE-CIX as a Service program. This program was designed for partners to create their own Internet Exchange and interconnection platform with our fully pre-configured and standardized technical set-up. This allows us to support independent local and regional partners in building-up their own interconnection ecosystems, to boost the seamless, fast, and secure exchange of data between people, enterprises, and organizations at our locations globally.