7 March 2024

Connect directly to AWS with better performance & security


AWS Direct Connect via DE-CIX offers private, secure connectivity to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Using the DirectCLOUD service, you can connect your existing network infrastructure with AWS, bypassing the Internet. The benefits of the DirectCLOUD connection include predictable latency, better control of data paths, and guaranteed bandwidth.

What is AWS Direct Connect?

AWS Direct Connect offers an alternative to using the Internet to connect to AWS. With AWS Direct Connect, instead of going over the Internet, data is transported through a private network connection between your location and AWS.

As an AWS Direct Connect partner, DE-CIX has passed additional validation from the AWS Service Delivery Program to enable customers to access AWS Direct Connect.

No presence required at an AWS edge

Our infrastructure and partner network allow you to extend your reach to AWS regions worldwide.

If you are not present at one of the AWS edge locations, you can connect to DE-CIX – either directly or via one of our partners – from thousands of data centers from where we connect you to the closest AWS edge. 

Our partners also help to make AWS Direct Connect circuits available wherever needed, including at on-premise enterprise locations and in private data centers.