8 September 2020

Covid-19 is accelerating digitalization

Outside forces and unrelated developments usually push change or accelerate the speed of change. This can be in the form of new competition, legislation, or a new global situation like the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the pandemic, many countries have imposed and continue to enforce strict lockdowns forcing many enterprises to rethink their whole business model, and moving their offerings – many for the first time – online. Where possible, companies are finding ways to make the best they can of the situation.

New priorities

Even for those companies resistant to the idea of employees working from home, it is imperative to embrace the concept in order to operate at all. Many lacked the technology to support remote working, but they have upgraded and tested their technology infrastructure at a much faster speed than in normal circumstances.

Video conference traffic has more than doubled at many DE-CIX exchanges, and the adoption of digital tools has surged, putting focus also on how enterprises are interconnected. The stability of the network and expanding the capacity of virtual private networks (VPNs) to allow employees and partners access to systems and data remotely and securely, has become the new top priorities for many IT departments.

Connectivity is the key

The digital age is the age of connectivity. Access to networks, the cloud, and data centers is as essential as the provision of electricity was for the industrial era. How enterprises are connected to the digital world has therefore become a strategic decision, instead of being just a technical issue.

Regardless of whether you want to use technologies such as IoT and AI, ensure your cloud implementations function to the highest standard, want your employees to be able to work from home, or need to interconnect to partners in your industry, interconnection should be at the core of your digitalization strategy.

In our white paper “How interconnection drives the digital transformation of enterprises” we dig deeper into this topic and discuss the various benefits of cutting-edge interconnection services. The white paper is available both in English and in German.

  • Download the white paper in English
  • Download the white paper in German