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16 March 2023

DE-CIX Cloud ROUTER – interconnection made easy


We are excited to launch a new service, the DE-CIX Cloud ROUTER. The Cloud ROUTER offers a direct and private high performance data exchange between cloud environments. You can route traffic directly between public and/or private clouds and benefit from improved application performance as well as increased security and protection against cyber-attacks.

Virtual routing on DE-CIX’s private carrier-grade platform

The Cloud ROUTER allows you to route data between clouds on DE-CIX’s private carrier-grade platform within a metro region or even within a data center campus. Forget about backhauling cloud traffic to a data center and then back to another cloud service provider. Or using unreliable tunnel based network solutions with limited bandwidth and high egress charges over the "public" Internet.

Seamless integration with other services

If you use a hybrid-cloud setup, you can easily connect your data center resources to your cloud environments. Scale efficiently with our future-proof platform to move data across environments to meet the changing business demands without excess cost or complexity. The DE-CIX Cloud ROUTER integrates seamlessly with our other services.