21 March 2019

DE-CIX first IX worldwide to offer 400-Gigabit Ethernet access technology

In response to the growing customer demand for more data capacity, DE-CIX Frankfurt is now the first Internet Exchange worldwide to offer 400-GE access technology. Only a few years after 100-Gigabit Ethernet (GE) access technology was first introduced, DE-CIX is now scaling up to the next level of its technological progress. The expansion is being realized on the basis of the DE-CIX Apollon platform, which uses Nokia routers as one core component. The 400-GE Nokia line cards are now available in DE-CIX Frankfurt, and the technology will be made available at further DE-CIX locations. With 400G, the broadband needs of large customers can be covered with fewer connections, leading to better cost efficiency.

“With the introduction of the 400-GE access technology, we once again underscore our claim to be a technology leader,” says Dr. Thomas King, Chief Technology Officer at DE-CIX. “We offer our customers newest generation hardware and a modern, scalable infrastructure, which will also be able to meet all requirements in the future. At the same time, we support the growth of our customers at our worldwide locations with the new technology. Because the more data traffic they can exchange over us, the more the investment in our services will pay off.”

DE-CIX has so far offered the connection capacities 1 GE, 10 GE, and 100 GE. The 100-GE access technology was first introduced in 2013 and has been increasingly booked in recent years. As a result, in 2018, orders of 100-GE ports at DE-CIX grew by almost 45 percent in comparison to 2017.

“Within the next few years, we expect the 400-GE access technology to become the new gold standard for customers with commensurate broadband needs,” Eric Dorr, Head of Infrastructure at DE-CIX, concludes.