4 November 2020

DE-CIX Frankfurt hits 10 Tbps peak traffic

Last night, for the first time, we reached 10 Terabits per second peak traffic at DE-CIX Frankfurt.

We cannot say for sure what caused the peak (might be a combination of the Champions League, the US election, software upgrades, lockdown in Germany), but the traffic developments this year have been extraordinary due to the unpreceded situation we are living in. When we hit 8.3 Tbps in February, we predicted that we would reach 9 Tbps towards the end of the year. Instead, we exceeded that mark a mere two weeks later. And now we are at 10 Tbps – and what is usually the peak season in winter when people spend more time indoors is just around the corner.

Steady growth

Just under a year ago we topped 8 Tbps for the first time at DE-CIX Frankfurt. This year’s constant traffic peak records at Frankfurt, and also at other DE-CIX Internet Exchanges like New York and Madrid, have been accompanied by a steady growth of our interconnection ecosystem.

In August we connected the 1,000th network in Frankfurt and at the moment, there are 1,016 networks connected. Currently worldwide, there are over 2,100 networks connected to our Internet Exchanges.

10 Tbps, 1,000 networks, and 25 years of Internet history

This year we are celebrating 25 years of DE-CIX and Internet history. Reaching all these new milestones in this special year clearly demonstrates the uniqueness of our interconnection ecosystem. We would like to give a shout out to all the connected networks – without you, the Internet would not be the same.