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12 July 2022

Exclusive supplier for universal transceivers

FLEXOPTIX, a leading technology provider for optical components, is DE-CIX’s exclusive supplier of universal transceivers. The universal transceivers have been designed to reliably convert electrical signals into high-speed optical data communication. This ensures the processing and forwarding of information in both directions regardless of data rate, form factor, or host system.

Helping to keep up with demand

We already use FLEXOPTIX hardware at all our Internet Exchanges globally and going forward, we intend to implement FLEXOPTIX hardware at all future deployments. FLEXOPTIX universal transceivers are an integral part of our Apollon platform, helping to manage the continuous increase in customers and data traffic across our locations.

FLEXOPTIX optical transceivers are adaptable to routers and switches from different hardware manufacturers and are therefore easy to integrate into our platform. The broad portfolio of transceivers and short delivery times allow us to keep up the speed of our global expansion.