28 November 2023

GlobePEER DDoS traffic insights now available on the DE-CIX portal

DDoS dashboard

DDoS attacks are a major headache for any network operator. The latest data in the DE-CIX portal provides valuable insights into the origins of such attacks and the amount of traffic that is flowing across a port.

We match measurement data from customer ports against an extensive set of DDoS filtering rules and show the result in the dashboard. Customers can drill the matched DDoS traffic down by subnets, packet header information, and rule matches – including explanations on what is hitting you.

The insight detects over 300 attack vectors, and you can analyze traffic up to 12 hours around the incident. Please note that this service only provides insights, but does not mitigate attacks. To mitigate attacks, use our Blackholing Advanced service.

Find your GlobePEER DDoS traffic insights in the DE-CIX portal under “Insights”.