14 September 2023

How DE-CIX keeps the platforms and networks safe

Organizational, security and resilience measures at DE-CIX

As a large IX operator, and a representative of critical infrastructure, we implement a range of organizational, security and resilience measures to keep our interconnection platforms and our customers’ networks safe. Our new white paper, Organizational, security, and resilience measures at DE-CIX, gives you an overview of the protection measures we have implemented.

Redundancy as a top priority

Solely employing security mechanisms is not sufficient and therefore we have defined and enforced numerous resilience measures. Our resilience efforts rely on creating redundancy on all levels of our infrastructure, so that in the case of unforeseen events (e.g., power outages, fiber cuts) our platform remains unaffected, or operations can be restored in minimal time.

DE-CIX operates specific security and resilience measures on different layers of the OSI Model. Some layers have more impact than others when securing our platform, but together they build a comprehensive solution. We monitor all our systems and if any irregularities – such as bugs or outages – are registered, our technical team is notified in accordance with our escalation plan.