30 August 2022

New IDC study: Connectivity-driven business in Germany

IDC study
IDC envisions a framework that aligns data in motion and its reliance on connectivity to drive business outcomes. ©IDC 2022

Many day-to-day operations of digital organizations depends on data. The ability to create a holistic overview at any time and to quickly react to changes is extremely important and requires relevant data from across the organization and from other reliable channels. Interconnection provides the foundation for fail-safe transportation of data and is therefore a critical investment for enterprises, according to a new IDC Study.

Reality vs. opportunities

The IDC study “Enterprise Networks 2022: Connectivity-driven Business in Germany” (available in German) surveyed 150 organizations about enterprise networking and the results revealed that many German companies have recognized the value of connectivity and the importance of being interconnected, but in many cases the state of their connectivity is not sustainable and is clearly in need of improvement both within the organization and externally to partners and customers.

Greater maturity of interconnection is needed

Looking at their entire IT landscape, almost a third of those surveyed indicated only minimal interconnection with little data integration and a maintenance of isolated business processes. According to their own assessment, a further 21 percent are on the second-lowest level of limited interconnection, in which there are some integrations between related systems, for example between different collaboration tools, and some replacement of legacy infrastructure.

From IDC’s point of view, the fact that only 23 percent of companies assess their own interconnection strategy as proactive or comprehensive, is worrying taking into consideration the growing demands on enterprise networks. Consequently, 42 percent of the respondents are already planning to achieve higher maturity levels when it comes to interconnection in the next 24 months.

Less than a quarter of German organizations are currently prepared for future connectivity needs.

80 percent of companies need to transform their network infrastructure

Driving connectivity transformation under operational pressure and budget uncertainties is a difficult balancing act. But measures for the future are essential as connectivity-driven business is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for modern business. IDC assumes that by 2024 around 80 percent of companies globally need to significantly transform their networks to meet expectations of end-users be they customers or employees.