13 September 2022

New partnerships to extend DE-CIX’s reach throughout Central Europe

DE-CIX is excited to announce new partnerships with European Internet Exchange operators: BIX.BG in Sofia, Bulgaria, NIX.CZ in Prague, Czech Republic, Atman in Warsaw, Poland, and InterLAN-IX in Bucharest, Romania.

One-stop-shop availability in further four key markets

The agreements enable each partner to offer their customers a cost-efficient and easy solution to interconnect their networks and digital resources across multiple locations within Europe, including DE-CIX Frankfurt with over 1,000 networks. DE-CIX strengthens its availability in another four European countries, allowing customers to extend their geographical reach to further key markets in Central Europe.

In Europe and beyond, neutrality is key to achieving broad coverage of interconnection services, as is integration, enabling a one-stop-shop approach with global relevance. The partnerships allow for consistent quality and performance with streamlined service delivery and lower costs – and a greater geographical scope for each Internet Exchange and their respective customers.

Find out more about the new locations: