6 July 2023

SwissIX now running on DE-CIX’s Apollon platform

DE-CIX and the SwissIX team have upgraded the technology of the Swiss Internet Exchange, which now relies on the Apollon platform. DE-CIX is also responsible for technical operations, including technical customer support and provisioning, and further development of the interconnection platform. The business management of the IX will remain with the non-profit SwissIX association.

The largest internet Exchange in Switzerland

Like DE-CIX, SwissIX follows a carrier and data center neutral approach, and the platform is distributed over a total of seven different data centers in Switzerland. It is the largest Internet Exchange in Switzerland, and the migration of 220 connected networks took place during ongoing operations in overnight maintenance windows to keep the impact on customers as low as possible.

Together with SwissIX, we will further develop the platform and services to the specific local needs in Switzerland.