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21 June 2022

The “new normal” boosting growth in 2021

Annual report 21 header image

DE-CIX’s annual report 2021 is out. With over 38 Exabytes of data throughput globally, we experienced around 20 percent increase in traffic, in line with the growth in connected networks, also up by 20 percent, with a total of close to 2500 worldwide.

Increasing demand for interconnection services

Connected capacity globally increased by more than 30 percent to 96.2 Terabits (Tbits) in 2021, reflecting the strong demand for interconnection services and more bandwidth. Direct connectivity to cloud service providers via the DirectCLOUD service tripled during 2021. Much of the cloud connectivity was booked via our self-service portal, which was implemented in 2021 as part of our drive towards automation.

New Internet Exchanges

Regarding geographical expansion, we brought four new Internet Exchanges into operation. DE-CIX Barcelona and Richmond are DE-CIX owned and operated, and the other two are part of our DE-CIX as a Service program: Ruhr-CIX in Germany and Borneo-IX in Southeast Asia. Another seven locations were announced, including multiple DE-CIX IXs in the Nordics.

To find out more about interconnection and DE-CIX, download a copy of our annual report. In the report, you will also find region-specific updates from our hubs around the world.