Connected networks in SE Asia

In Southeast Asia, with your access in one of the locations, you can peer with networks at every other DE-CIX Internet Exchange in the region. See the list networks who are peering in Southeast Asia below.

ASN Name Macro Peering Policy Status
45785 Techavenue International Ltd AS-45785 Open CONNECTING
140625 Excel Commerce Solutions Sdn Bhd CONNECTING
140627 OneQode Open CONNECTING
146960 Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad CONNECTING
42 Packet Clearing House AS-PCH Open ACTIVE
1828 Unitas Global Inc AS-UNITAS Selective ACTIVE
3303 Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd. AS-SWCMGLOBAL Selective ACTIVE
3856 Packet Clearing House AS-PCH Open ACTIVE
4775 Globe Telecom / Innove AS-TRANSIT-GLOBE Open ACTIVE
4788 Telekom Malaysia Berhad AS-4788 Selective ACTIVE
6447 RouteViews AS6447 Open ACTIVE
6774 Belgacom International Carrier Services / BICS AS6774:AS-BICS-TRANSIT Selective ACTIVE
6939 Hurricane Electric AS-HURRICANE Open ACTIVE
8075 Microsoft Corporation AS-MICROSOFT Selective ACTIVE
10030 Celcom Axiata Berhad AS10030 Selective ACTIVE
10094 Unified National Networks Sdn Bhd AS-SET-TELBRU-APNIC Selective ACTIVE
10310 Yahoo EMEA Limited AS-YAHOO Selective ACTIVE
13335 Cloudflare, Inc AS-CLOUDFLARE Open ACTIVE
13414 Twitter Inc. AS-TWITTER Selective ACTIVE
15169 Google Inc AS-GOOGLE Open ACTIVE
16509 Amazon AS-AMAZON Selective ACTIVE
17666 Hitachi Sunway Data Centre Services Sdn Bhd AS17666 Open ACTIVE
20940 Akamai Technologies, Inc. AS-AKAMAI Open ACTIVE
22822 Limelight Networks AS-LLNW Selective ACTIVE
23947 Moratel International Pte Ltd AS23947:AS-MORATELINDONAP Open ACTIVE
32261 Subspace Communication LLC AS-SUBSPACE Restrictive ACTIVE
32590 Valve Corporation AS-VALVE Open ACTIVE
32934 Meta AS-FACEBOOK Selective ACTIVE
35280 F5, Inc. AS-ACORUS Selective ACTIVE
38001 NewMedia Express Pte Ltd AS-NEWMEDIAEXPRESS Open ACTIVE
38040 TOT Public Company Limited AS38040:AS-PEERS Open ACTIVE
38137 DE-CIX Management GmbH AS-NADA Open ACTIVE
38182 Extreme Broadband AS-SET-38182 Open ACTIVE
41095 IPTP Networks AS-IPTP Restrictive ACTIVE
41690 DailyMotion AS-DAILYMOTION Selective ACTIVE
42649 Baffin Bay Networks AS-BAFFIN Selective ACTIVE
45102 Alibaba Group AS-ALIBABA-CN-NET Open ACTIVE
45410 Allo Technology Sdn. Bhd. AS-CBJAYABBAND Open ACTIVE
45489 Sri Lanka Telecom AS-SLT-GLOBAL Selective ACTIVE
45629 TripleT Internet Internet service provider Bangkok / JasTel AS-TRIPLETNET Selective ACTIVE
45839 Shinjiru Technology Sdn Bhd AS45839 Open ACTIVE
46015 Exabytes Network Sdn. Bhd. AS46015 Open ACTIVE
46489 Twitch AS-TWITCH Selective ACTIVE
55405 Exabytes Network Sdn. Bhd. AS55405 Open ACTIVE
55420 SabahNet AS55420 Open ACTIVE
55818 PT. NAP Info Lintas Nusa AS55818:AS-NAPINFO-MCIX Selective ACTIVE
55821 Radius Telecoms AS-RADIUS-PH Open ACTIVE
56111 Agarto Sdn Bhd AS-AGARTO Open ACTIVE
56140 ModernOne Data Solutions Sdn Bhd AS56140 Open ACTIVE
56286 IX Telecom Sdn Bhd AS-SET-IXTELECOM Open ACTIVE
57976 Activision Blizzard UK Ltd AS-BLIZZARD Open ACTIVE
63916 Techavenue International Ltd AS-63916 Open ACTIVE
64010 BasicBrix AS-BASICBRIX Open ACTIVE
131310 PLTPRO Data Centre Sdn Bhd AS-PLT-CX2 Open ACTIVE
132111 Bigband Sdn. Bhd. AS-SET-BIGBAND Selective ACTIVE
132326 F1 Communications Sdn Bhd AS132326 Open ACTIVE
132354 CTSabah AS132354 ACTIVE
132372 GB Network Solutions Sdn Bhd AS-GBNETWORK Open ACTIVE
132531 Marlborough College Malaysia AS132531 Open ACTIVE
133421 Innet Solutions Sdn Bhd AS-INNET Open ACTIVE
134152 XMT Technologies Sdn Bhd AS-134152 Open ACTIVE
134202 E-World Communication Sdn. Bhd. AS-ECSB-MY ACTIVE
134468 Tokio Marine Insurans (Malaysia) Berhad AS134468 ACTIVE
134553 i-Skill Dynamics Sdn Bhd AS134553 Open ACTIVE
136520 MYKLNET AS136520 Open ACTIVE
136907 Huawei Software Technologies Co., Ltd. AS-HUAWEI Open ACTIVE
136978 JNI System Sdn Bhd AS-JNI Open ACTIVE
138040 DNSVault Sdn. Bhd. AS138040 Open ACTIVE
138359 DataKL Solutions Sdn Bhd AS-DATAKL Open ACTIVE
142412 Nexworks AS142412:AS-ALL Open ACTIVE
149179 Mont Kiara International School AS149179 ACTIVE