At the heart of the largest interconnection ecosystem in Southern Europe

The Iberian Peninsula is the new centre of gravity where networks from southern hemisphere meet instead of going further north to reach European networks and international content providers. Thanks to its direct connection to DE-CIX Lisbon, Barcelona, and Marseille, DE-CIX Madrid is at the heart of the Southern European interconnection ecosystem offering the largest diversity of local, regional, and international networks. 

As an ISP holding an important residential market share in Gibraltar, joining DE-CIX was a life changer. We found that 70% of our incoming traffic was coming through the DE-CIX link, thus saving paid transit links resources. Our average latency to the main content providers decreased by 50%.”


The center of the largest neutral interconnection ecosystem in Southern Europe.

Connect to over 200 networks locally, and many more remotely.  

Directly connected to DE-CIX Lisbon, Barcelona, Marseille, and Frankfurt.

DE-CIX Madrid: Biography of an international digital hub

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How to connect to DE-CIX

To benefit from our interconnection services, you first need to have access to our platform. Once you have access, you can order multiple services, overbook access with services, and have multiple ASNs on your access. 

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Route server guides

DE-CIX Madrid route server guide

DE-CIX operates so-called route server systems to facilitate the exchange of BGP announcements between peers at DE-CIX. Find out how this works at DE-CIX Madrid.

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New white paper
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New white paper

The Southern European interconnection landscape

Download the white paper to find out how the growing Southern European hubs, including Madrid, and Marseille, are responding to the demand for increasingly localized interconnection infrastructure.

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Market study
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Market study

Madrid: A digital hub for Southern Europe

This report examines the opportunities and challenges for Madrid to become a digital hub for Southern Europe, and presents the elements that should shape Madrid's strategy. It was prepared by Delfos Research and sponsored by our long-standing partner Interxion and by DE-CIX.

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Market study
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Market study

Madrid's position in the global telecommunications landscape

In this market study, TeleGeography examines Spain’s international connectivity, its proximity to extensive subsea cable infrastructure, local demand, and pricing factors that will boost Madrid as an interconnection point.

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