Get instant access to Spanish and global networks

As an ISP holding an important residential market share in Gibraltar, joining DE-CIX was a life changer. We found that 70% of our incoming traffic was coming through DE-CIX link, thus saving paid transit links resources. Our average latency to the main content providers decreased by 50%. 

Miguel Berniz, CTO, GibFibre/GibFibreSpeed

Spain is the 8th largest market in the RIPE region regarding IPv4 address space, and Madrid is the central hub for Spain.

Huge potential for growth

DE-CIX Madrid was opened in 2016, and today, more than 100 networks are connected. And there's huge potential for growth: Only a small portion of the 600+ Spanish networks peer. DE-CIX will actively support the growth of the interconnection ecosystem in Spain. 

What's in it for you

  • Instant access to Spanish and global networks
  • Implementation within a few days
  • Peering on a reliable interconnection platform to
    • Reduce costs
    • Enhance the end-user experience
    • Improve your network quality

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ASN origin of the networks connected at DE-CIX Madrid

Network types of connected networks at DE-CIX Madrid (based on PeeringDB)