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Remote-triggered Blackholing for network operators

Remote triggered Blackholing for network operators cover

Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are becoming more and more harmful. Not only the targets of such attacks suffer, but also the whole infrastructure of a network operator can be affected. Remote-triggered Blackholing is an instrument that can be used to stop DoS and DDoS attacks to specific targets in your network.

Be prepared for an attack

To be prepared, you need to set up an infrastructure against attacks well before any happens. In this white paper for network engineers, we give you an example of how to implement remote-triggered Blackholing.

Download the white paper to learn:

  • How to set up Blackholing
  • How to prepare for an attack
  • What to do when under attack

Our step-by-step instructions will help you to set up your infrastructure to use remote-triggered Blackholing to stop DoS and DDoS attacks to specific targets in your network.

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