24 June 2021

10 reasons to peer: 7. peering makes partnerships possible

Reasons to peer 7

As we have learned in this reasons to peer series, peering has many advantages, ranging from financial benefits to having a more robust and stable network. It can also offer opportunities for new partnerships.

Easy start for premium services

Internet Exchanges not only offer you access to hundreds of networks for peering, but also to hundreds of possible partners e.g. for buying or selling MPLS connections (known as: MPLS NNI). You can target hundreds of networks without organizing or buying additional expensive fiber patches or ending up in problems with different, not matching data center locations. Peering on an Internet Exchange platform gives you an easy, cheap, and quick start for premium services.

Further, you can also go for dedicated VLAN connections to other members if you need a logical separation of the handover of these services.  

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