13 June 2024

DE-CIX Lisbon celebrates its fifth anniversary

Lisbon 5th anniversary
Presentation in Lisbon of the study "Portugal: A hub of global interconnection, a gateway to Europe, a gateway to the world".

DE-CIX entered the Portuguese market with DE-CIX Lisbon back in 2019. During the past five years of operations, we have seen significant growth due to Lisbon’s strategic location, minimizing latency in data exchange. This is supported by direct submarine cable links to South America, the high number of cables connecting to Africa, and upcoming connections to the East Coast of the US.

Largest Internet Exchange in Portugal

From 2016 to 2024 the number of Internet Exchanges in Portugal doubled, bringing the total to four. DE-CIX Lisbon has attained first position as the largest exchange by ASN count in the Portuguese market, with 60 connected networks, including two newly connected ones from Brazil, which are capitalizing on the direct connection between Portugal and Brazil via the EllaLink submarine cable.

DE-CIX Lisbon is also part of the largest data center and carrier neutral interconnection ecosystem in Southern Europe. As an exchange on the coast, it plays – together with Barcelona, Marseille, and Palermo – a very important geographical role in connecting Europe to Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, as well as connecting Asia to Latin America.

A global interconnection hub

Our new study "Portugal: A Global Interconnection Hub, a Gateway to Europe, a Gateway to the World", offers a comprehensive analysis of Portugal’s emergence as a strategic hub for digital connectivity.