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11 March 2021

First 2x400GE network connected at Frankfurt

Core-Backbone has become the first network with 2x400GE access to our platform at DE-CIX Frankfurt. Based in Germany, Core-Backbone operates an international, secure, and high-availability network around the world. They have cooperated with us since 2014 and are one of our top resellers.  

Delivering enormous bandwidth

The expansion is being realized on the basis of the DE-CIX Apollon platform, which uses Nokia routers as one core component. 400GE can handle massive data throughput and guarantees a sufficient bandwidth.

First Internet Exchange with 400GE access technology

DE-CIX was the first Internet Exchange to offer 400GE access technology in response to the growing customer demand for more data capacity. This year, we expect to see a leap ahead and the 400GE access technology to become the new gold standard for customers with high broadband needs. As the demand for bandwidth will only grow, in the future even 800GE ports will become reality.

While we offer 1GE, 10GE, and 100GE at all the DE-CIX Internet Exchanges, the 400GE connection capacity is currently offered at DE-CIX Frankfurt. We are working to bring 400GE access to our other exchanges.