DE-CIX partner program

Regardless of what type of partner you are, we always strive to support you in a holistic way through our comprehensive partner program. From onboarding to technical implementation and support with sales and marketing activities, we are here to help you to be successful.

What our partner program offers

  • We are committed to deliver a thorough onboarding process to our partners because your success is in our mutual interest. In particular,

    • We will schedule initial calls with you after you have signed up to be a partner, and will ensure you have a good understanding of DE-CIX and our portfolio of services.
    • Our engineers will work with your technical teams to ensure the initial connection is being set up correctly (if applicable).
    • You will be provided training on how to use our customer portal to provision orders, see relevant statistics, get insights into maintenance schedules, updates, and other relevant information.
    • We also provide you with comprehensive access to our DE-CIX Academy, a training facility for newcomers to the world of peering and interconnection.
  • Once all initial agreements and, where appropriate, the implementation of the connection have been completed, you as a partner will want to start generating revenue. We will support you with both sales and marketing consultancy. In particular, we will:

    • Help you to phrase the offering within your own marketing channels (if wished)
    • Run joint PR and social media programs to launch
    • Feature you on our website and within our monthly customer newsletter
    • Provide you with comprehensive marketing materials for co-branding
    • Invite you to join and sponsor our industry events
    • Run demand-generating campaigns with you (on request)
    • Invite you to participate in DE-CIX community events
    • Support your events with staffing and marketing resources
    • Run regular sales trainings for new services, features, etc.
    • Have a dedicated Account Manager for you to answer all questions and help with any contractual and technical issues that might occur as well as supporting your customer sales cycles
  • To ensure a long term and profitable business relationship, we provide you with:

    • Attractive discounts and margin
    • Referral fees
    • Market development funds, and
    • Pre- and after-sales support from our teams